SDK for adding OpenWebRTC to your Android app
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[WIP] OpenWebRTC Android SDK

SDK for adding OpenWebRTC to your Android app


Add compile 'io.openwebrtc:openwebrtc-android-sdk:0.1.0' to your gradle dependencies.


To build the SDK as a part of another project, clone openwebrtc-android-sdk to your project's root folder, and add it to your settings.gradle:

include ':app', ':openwebrtc-android-sdk'
project(':openwebrtc-android-sdk').projectDir = new File('openwebrtc-android-sdk/sdk')

Then simply add compile project(':openwebrtc-android-sdk') to your module's dependencies.

Another approach is to clone the SDK to a different directory than your app, and then point directly to that directory. This is done in the NativeCall example in openwebrtc-examples link