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Contributing to OpenWebRTC

OpenWebRTC is still a relatively young project. Our ambition is to create an even more vibrant and open community where our team from Ericsson Research is just one of many contributors.

We welcome all types of contributions, such as:

  • Code
  • Bug reports
  • Documentation improvements
  • Feature requests
  • ...

If you would like to start working on a new feature, that you intend to include in the OpenWebRTC project, we encourage you to reach out first so that we can avoid potential duplicate efforts: https:/

Code Style

We use the WebKit coding style and you check style using the check-webkit-style script with the following parameters:

check-webkit-style -f -readability/naming/underscores,-readability/enum_casing,-readability/parameter_name,-build/header_guard $@




Every code patch accepted in the OpenWebRTC codebase is licensed under BSD-2. You can see the complete license on LICENSE file on the root of repository.