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WebCoast Website Repository

WebCoast is a yearly community-driven unconference in Gothenburg, Sweden with a strong focus on web and communication.

Since everything is built on a community effort, so should the website, which is why it is open sourced here on GitHub.

Because of the way we maintain the site, this repository basically just has any custom plugins and the custom theme. The rest of WordPress and its plugins are not under version control.

Code Introduction

The WebCoast website tries to stay up to date with the best practices of WordPress development. As such, we try and follow the code standards set forth in the WordPress Codex. This gives us a common platform and readable code.

We do however acknowledge that some code in the project is out of date, in the wrong format and could be improved overall.

Additionally, we try and write everything in English. Necessary strings in the code should be properly localized and then subsequently translated into Swedish. This ensures that the code is more easily accessible to everyone.

As evident when viewing the codebase, all CSS is written using SASS/SCSS and based on the Foundation framework. The SCSS is compiled and minified via Grunt, which also minifies the theme Javascript.

Want to contribute?

If you find something that needs to be fixed, just create an issue. If you want to get working on something, that's cool too. Open a pull request and we'll get talking.

We have regular development chats about the website and the app development, usually monthly. If you wish to join, let us know.


Custom theme and plugins for the WebCoast website.



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