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EF Core Power Tools

Reverse engineering, model visualization and migrations UI for EF Core.

Aims to lower the bar for getting started with EF Core, by providing GUI based assistance with reverse engineering of an existing database, creating migrations and visualizing your DbContext model.

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Demo at EF Core Community Standup

EF Core Power Tools presentation

My tools and utilities for embedded database development

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Getting started and user guide

Release notes



.NET Framework 4.7.1 or later is required. For EF Core reverse engineering, .NET Core 3.1 x64 runtime must be installed.


Download the latest version of the Visual Studio extension from Visual Studio MarketPlace

Or just install from the Extensions dialog in Visual Studio.

Daily build

You can download the daily build from Open VSIX Gallery

Ensure you always have the latest daily build (if you are brave) by installing this extension

How do I contribute

If you encounter a bug or have a feature request, please use the Issue Tracker. The project is also open for pull requests following standard pull request guidelines

Building and debugging

To build and debug, run latest version of Visual Studio as Administrator with the "Visual Studio extension development workload" installed. Make EFCorePowerTools the startup project, and ensure your build configuration is Debug, x86 (not AnyCPU).


Entity Framework Core Power Tools - reverse engineering, migrations and model visualization for EF Core





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