Manage SQL Server Compact databases via command line, without Visual Studio installed. Syntax similar to sqlcmd (for SQL Server)
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What is it?

Administer SQL Compact databases directly from the command line, without having Visual Studio or SQL Server Management Studio installed. Only requires NetFx 2.0 and SQL Compact installed. Command line options similar to sqlcmd (for SQL Server). Also runs any SQL Compact script files.

Runs scripts generated by my ExportSqlCe/Export2SqlCe command line tools.

How do I get it?

Download from the here

How do I use it

Detailed command line documentation

A three part tutorial on SqlCeCmd usage is available on my blog here:

SqlCeCmd tutorial part one – Managing database files

SqlCeCmd tutorial part two – Creating database objects and adding data

SqlCeCmd tutorial part three – query options