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Documentation of "undocumented" Slack API methods.

Slack has a great API which is documented here. In addition there are a couple of so called "undocumented" methods, which provide additional functionality. In general it seams that many administrator like features tend to be undocumented, e.g. invite new users, delete files, change user profiles.

Please note that Slack states in its API Terms of Service that all undocumented methods "may change at any time, you should not rely on these behaviors.". So use them at your own risk. However, these methods provide some additional and very useful functionality that is not available with the official set of API methods. So the purpose of this document is to provide an up-to-date documentation to anyone who wants to use these methods.

This documentation is provided as public domain. Any help in keeping this document up-to-date and as complete and accurate as possible is very welcome.

API methods that are only available via the web UI / require a runtime token are out of scope of this github.

Slack and the Slack API is owned by Slack Technologies, Inc. All rights reserved.