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This method executes a slash command in a public channel.


This method has the URL and follows the Slack Web API calling conventions.

Argument Example Required Description
token xxxx-xxxxxxxxx-xxxx Required Authentication token (Requires scope: post)
channel C12345678 Required ID of the public channel to execute the command in
command /who Required Slash command to be executed. Leading backslash is required.
text xxxx-xxxxxxxxx-xxxx Optional Additional parameters provided to the slash command


You will receive a response in JSON indicating if the command has been executed successfully or not with the ok variable. For some internal commands (e.g. /who) the response of the slash command will be provided in the response variable. For most slash commands the response will instead be produced in the channel on Slack.

"ok": true,
"response": "Users here: ..."

In case of errors you will receive a standard Slack API response in JSON as described here.

Errors & Warnings

Error Description
missing_scope The method requires the scope post. Since this scope does not seam to be availble in the app config window you need to provide a legacy token for this to work.