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#include "SdFile.h"
enum LsAction {LS_SerialPrint,LS_Count,LS_GetFilename};
class CardReader
void initsd();
void write_command(char *buf);
//files auto[0-9].g on the sd card are performed in a row
//this is to delay autostart and hence the initialisaiton of the sd card to some seconds after the normal init, so the device is available quick after a reset
void checkautostart(bool x);
void openFile(char* name,bool read);
void removeFile(char* name);
void closefile();
void release();
void startFileprint();
void pauseSDPrint();
void getStatus();
void printingHasFinished();
void getfilename(const uint8_t nr);
uint16_t getnrfilenames();
void ls();
void chdir(const char * relpath);
void updir();
void setroot();
FORCE_INLINE bool eof() { return sdpos>=filesize ;};
FORCE_INLINE int16_t get() { sdpos = file.curPosition();return (int16_t);};
FORCE_INLINE void setIndex(long index) {sdpos = index;file.seekSet(index);};
FORCE_INLINE uint8_t percentDone(){if(!sdprinting) return 0; if(filesize) return sdpos*100/filesize; else return 0;};
FORCE_INLINE char* getWorkDirName(){workDir.getFilename(filename);return filename;};
bool saving;
bool sdprinting ;
bool cardOK ;
char filename[13];
char longFilename[LONG_FILENAME_LENGTH];
bool filenameIsDir;
int lastnr; //last number of the autostart;
SdFile root,*curDir,workDir,workDirParent,workDirParentParent;
Sd2Card card;
SdVolume volume;
SdFile file;
uint32_t filesize;
//int16_t n;
unsigned long autostart_atmillis;
uint32_t sdpos ;
bool autostart_stilltocheck; //the sd start is delayed, because otherwise the serial cannot answer fast enought to make contact with the hostsoftware.
LsAction lsAction; //stored for recursion.
int16_t nrFiles; //counter for the files in the current directory and recycled as position counter for getting the nrFiles'th name in the directory.
char* diveDirName;
void lsDive(const char *prepend,SdFile parent);
#define IS_SD_PRINTING (card.sdprinting)
#define IS_SD_PRINTING (false)
#endif //SDSUPPORT
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