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Article I: Mission Statement
The Science and Technology Wing (STWing) as a Residential Program is dedicated to providing undergraduate students at the University of Pennsylvania with opportunities to explore novel aspects of science and technology. This is a place where students of similar interests learn and live together in a friendly and encouraging environment.
Article II: Definitions
A General Body Meeting (GBM) is the monthly gathering where Members share information on upcoming events and Continuum members explain how they have carried out their duties, further detailed in Article III.
Article IV details states a Member can be in, but when the Bylaws refer to a Member outside of that section they refer to someone who:
Has performed the duties required to be promoted from Padawan to Jedi
A Student Member rather than Alumnus
Is not on Probation
STWing’s governing council, otherwise known as Continuum, is the elected legislative body of STWing. There are a variety of positions in Continuum as outlined in Article V, but all are tasked with upholding STWing’s mission statement.
A subcommittee is defined as a collection of individuals who voluntarily choose to aid a certain Continuum position for the purpose of advancing Science and Technology in their personal lives
Article III Meetings
The General Body of STWing shall meet at least once a month during the Fall and Spring semesters of the academic year. General Body Meetings (GBMs) shall be held in a public space in Kings Court English House, and consecutive GBMs shall never be on the same day of the week. No STWing GBMs may be held during reading days, final exams, or official school vacation time.
The Continuum shall meet weekly during the Fall and Spring semesters. The time and place for all Official Continuum meetings shall be decided by the Continuum, but the location and time of all meetings shall be easily and publicly accessible and openly announced to all members of the General Body at least once per semester. Meetings shall be open to all members of STWing. Should the location or time of said meetings change at any time, the new location and time must be announced.
An Official STWing meeting or event shall be one that is properly advertised (defined below) and which meets the following attendance requirements. For GBMs, at least one third of the first-year Members must be present. For Continuum meetings, at least seventy-five percent of the Continuum must be present.
Proper advertising shall be defined as the use of both a physical and electronic medium for the publishing of an event. A physical medium includes, but is not limited to, signs or flyers in openly visible places (e.g. public posting spaces in Kings Court English House, etc.). An electronic medium includes, but is not limited to, an email announcement, a post in the STWing FaceBook group, GroupMe, etc.
For any voting to take place at a GBM, at least fifty percent of members must be present. A vote for all issues, excepting changes to the Bylaws, shall pass by a simple majority of the votes cast. Absentee voting may be arranged through the Katara ahead of time.
Article IV: Members
Persons may apply to STWing by attending a GBM and registering for an account on STWing’s main server, Force. At this point in time they choose a STWing username to access this account. At this stage the member is a “Padawan”— the program will reach out to the Padawan about upcoming events, but Padawans do not count towards first year attendance requirements as per Article III section 3 and cannot vote in elections.
For a Padawan to graduate to “Jedi” and become an active member of STWing, the Padawan must speak with a Jedi and join a subcommittee. Their acceptance is conditional to approval by the Continuum member who heads that committee and a majority vote of Continuum. At this point, the member gains full access to the Force and the ability to vote.
At any point, the subcommittee member may speak with the head of their subcommittee in order to leave his or her current subcommittee to join another. Additionally, a Jedi may, at any point, request to return to Padawan status. A Jedi may be returned to Padawan status with the majority vote of Continuum and the approval of his or her subcommittee leader.
A Student Member of STWing is defined as an individual who has met the membership requirements set forth in Section 1. An Alumni Member of STWing is any member who has formally left the University of Pennsylvania as a student, and was in good standing with STWing before leaving (as defined by section 3). A graduate student at the University may choose either Student Member status or Alumni Member status.
In order to maintain Membership, a Student Member is required to attend two thirds of the GBMs held each semester, or have a valid excuse for absence, limited to health, family, or professional obligations. Extracurricular activities do not constitute as valid excuses for absences. It is the Member’s responsibility to inform Katara of his or her excuse for absence prior to the GBM that he or she will be missing. If this attendance requirement is not met at the end of the semester, the individual will be notified by Katara that they are on probationary status for the coming semester.
A Member who does not maintain membership is deemed “Probationary” and is subject to the following restrictions:
Restricted rights to STWing computing resources at the discretion of the Systems Administrator.
Lowered priority for preferential housing in Major STWing Communities.
Lowered priority in the allocation of limited space opportunities.
The General Body of STWing shall be defined as the total Membership for that given academic year. The General Voting Body is defined as those Student Members who are not on probationary status. The Continuum may expand the General Voting Body to include Alumni Members for a particular vote if the issue is deemed an alumni-related matter. Otherwise, Alumni Members may not vote in Continuum Elections or on changes to the Bylaws.
Any Member has the right to challenge any action taken by the Continuum by demanding a vote at the next GBM. A simple majority vote of the General Voting Body can override any decision made by the Continuum.
Article V: Officers
The voting officers of the Continuum shall be the Parliamentarian, the Local Press Representative, the Global Press Representative, the System Administrator, University Event Manager, STWing Event Manager, and the Resource Manager. Those are the positions’ public names, and the names used within STWing are written next to them in parentheses.
The non-voting members of the Continuum shall be Resident Advisors and Graduate Associates of official STWing communities. Their responsibilities and other details are included below:
All positions have the following responsibilities:
Attend and vote at Continuum meetings (the only options for votes are ‘for’, ‘against’, and ‘abstain’)
Know the Bylaws
Create, manage, and determine the policies for their specific subcommittee as needed
Implement events relating to their position as described in Section 6
Non-Elected Continuum Members
Residential Advisor / Graduate Associate (assigned by Residential Living)
Approves spending of floor resources.
Fills out program assessment forms for Residential Living.
Is presiding officer of their floor meetings.
Penn Names (STWing Names)
Parliamentarian (Picard)
Presides over each GBM and Continuum meeting
Communicates with and expands STWing’s network of affiliated faculty members.
Secures funding (if needed) from various resources provided by the University of Pennsylvania
Manages STWing communications with other organizations.
Ensures the continuation of STWing traditions, and works with those perpetuating them
Approves the use of the STWing logos in relation to events, and the STWing name in communications
In the event that the Parliamentarian cannot attend a GBM or Continuum meeting, the Local Press Representative shall preside in his or her stead
Local Press Representative (Katara)
Updates the STWing Calendar
Populates the STWing website with news on events and
Ensures the STWing body know the following information:
Actions being proposed by Continuum
When and where STWing events are to occur
Information about events that have yet to occur
Ensures that the STWing body is notified of GBMs one week in advance through email and one physical medium of their choosing
Ensures that branding of various levels of formality is up to date, with typical levels being “Issued by Continuum”, “Global Events”, and “Local Events”
Ensures branding exists for STWing local events
Global Press Representative (Moriarty)
Organizes and plans dinner discussions with faculty or alum
Publicises upcoming STWing events in The Daily Pennsylvania by either writing an article or preparing an advertisement
Ensure continued collaboration between STWing and the Penn Science magazine
Ensures the the connection between current STWing members and alumni remains strong through a newsletter written and circulated once a semester
Works to secure fundraising from various STWing alumni
Ensures STWing door tags are made for all STWingers
Sysadmin (GLaDos)
Chosen by previous Sysadmin
Maintains and administers all STWing computing resources, defined as all computers owned by STWing and all computers in the STWING.UPENN.EDU subdomain
Maintains STWing computing security and has the authority to respond to any security issues in order to maintain or exceed a level of security required by the University’s information security policy.
As the Sysadmin’s housing is tied to their responsibilities the Sysadmin has most incentive to properly manage STWing finances, and therefore is in charge of them
STWing-Centered Events (Zelda)
In addition to being responsible for Zelda events, Zelda is also responsible for finding and pursuing new opportunities for STWing wide events
University-wide Events (Gandalf)
In addition to being responsible for Gandalf events, the Gandalf is also responsible for finding and pursuing new opportunities for campus wide events
Physical Spaces Manager (Professor Oak)
Ensures that the Blimp Room is well maintained and clean at all times. Also works to expand upon the space by whatever means deemed necessary
Shall maintain both Elevator lounges as well as the STWing Lounge and ensure that the spaces are being used for their purpose and to the fullest potential
Organizes and runs Project Hours, to be held in the Blimp Room weekly
Brainstorms possible methods with which STWing’s various public areas can be improved upon.
The elected Members of the Continuum shall be determined by an election to be held at the first GBM of the second semester of each academic year, where the term of election shall be one calendar year and one month. For an election to proceed and to be legitimate, at least fifty percent of members must be present, or the election shall not be held until the attendance requirement is met. The outgoing Continuum members must overlap with the incoming Continuum members for the period of one month and are encouraged to overlap for an additional month, during which time all responsibilities will be transferred to the incoming Continuum.
All Members of STWing are equal in importance and weight of opinion, regardless of position in the Continuum or lack thereof. In the case of a tie in voting, a voting recount shall be called. If the recount again results in a tie, the Continuum shall confer and choose the outcome of the vote.
Any Member can initiate an impeachment. In the case of a majority vote by Continuum, excluding the indicted member, there shall be a tribunal before the general body, where the indicted member may speak in his/her own defence. A two thirds vote of the General Body is necessary to expel a Continuum member. If the impeached member was not an elected official (such as a Sysadmin), he or she shall nevertheless be removed from the Continuum. The only reason for impeachment shall be for failure to perform responsibilities satisfactorily.
In the event of a vacant position on the Continuum, the Continuum shall choose a member of the current Continuum to fill the position until a replacement can be elected. The Continuum shall then call a GBM for the purpose of a special election to fill the vacant position. The voting procedure is the same as that for regular elections. The member elected will fill the position until the next regular election for that position.
All pertinent STWing documents shall be made available upon request to STWing Members, associated faculty, and staff by the appropriate member of the Continuum. Any Continuum votes cast may be recorded at the request of any Member so that any Member of STWing may know who voted for or against the proposition.
Article VI: Events
An event can be added to this Article through a majority vote of either Continuum or the General Voting Body. An event can be removed from this Article or moved to another role through a 2/3rds majority vote of both Continuum and the General Voting Body.
Below are outlined events for Continuum positions:
New Student Orientation: Katara is responsible for throwing an event to advertise STWing during New Student Orientation
Alumni Barbecue: The Alumni Barbecue is a barbecue where Alumni Members and Student Members are encouraged to interact.
STWing Goes Outside: An event to motivate STWing to go outside. Really. Anywhere that’s not inside.
STWalloween: An event with food, fun and costumes.
STWecret STWanta: An anonymous gift-giving event, with winter festivities.
STWing Convocation: An annual banquet held at the beginning of the year with all of STWing and STWing’s faculty affiliates to celebrate and usher in the upcoming school year.
STWing Banquet: The end of the year banquet, where an honored staff member gives a speech to students who are rising classes or are graduating. Seniors give speeches and are seen off by the alumni and faculty, and are given gifts by Continuum.
Rude Definitely-Not-Copyrighted Silverberg: Very explicitly not the Rube Goldberg, Rude Silverberg is an event where a complicated machine is built to accomplish a simple task.
Robotics Fair: Researchers and clubs are invited to share how they have been utilizing robots. Usually affiliated with Hebo-con.
Hebo-Con: Hebo-Con is an event where people are given a task to and some robot building materials, and then are given awards for the most humorous robot, the worst robot, and the robot that does best.
Student Research Colloquium: A forum for presenting research or a topic the presenter is passionate about. Meant as practice for formal presentations, and for interacting with presenters.
Article VII: Amendment of Bylaws
Any amendment made to these Bylaws must be presented at an Official GBM and approved by a seventy-five percent vote of the General Voting Body. All proposals for amendments must be shared one week before voting and must be published however Continuum decides. Any member of STWing may propose amendments, so long as they follow the preceding stipulations.
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