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An Introduction to Reactive programming using RxSwift.

To follow along during the workshop, ensure to have completed the SETUP instructions in advance.

File Structure


  • The playground file used to build the arcade game


  • The workspace file with RxCocoa & RxSwift installed
  • ReactiveArcadePlayground exists within this workspace and that is required for RxSwift playground support

Branching Structure


  • Default Bracnch
  • branch with worklshop tasks 1 - 3 not completed, find // TODO: in the code
  • Use this branch as a starting point when working through the workshop


  • Branch with the completed solutions to workshop tasks 1 - 3


  1. Download Xcode:

    • This step could take a while, please do this before the workshop
  2. clone or download this repository

    • Look for the green Clone or Download button at the top right of the screen
  3. Download & install the required pods (libraries) for RxSwift & RxCocoa

    i) open the terminal

    ii) navigate to ReactiveArcadeGame Folder

    ii) run the following command in the terminal: pod install

    iii) run the following command in the terminal: pod update

    • cocoa pods will need to be installed for these commands to run, see Common Errors #4

How to Open the Project?

  1. Open the ReactiveArcadeGame.xcworkspace file by selecting it

    • Xcode should open the selected file
  2. From the left panel, select the GamePlayground file

Common Errors

  1. Missing RxSwift & RxCocoa

    i) Product -> Clean Build Folder (shift + cmd + k)

    ii) Product -> Build (cmd + b)

    iii) Restart Xcode

     Playground execution failed:
     error: GamePlayground.playground:5:8: error: no such module 'RxSwift'
     import RxSwift
     error: GamePlayground.playground:6:8: error: no such module 'RxCocoa'
     import RxCocoa
  2. "Runnig GamePlayground" continuously loads and never succeeds

    i) Same solution as #1

  3. Could not look up symbols

    i) Same solution as #1

Playground execution failed:

error: Couldn't lookup symbols:
  RxCocoa.BehaviorRelay.asObservable() -> RxSwift.Observable
  RxCocoa.BehaviorRelay.asObservable() -> RxSwift.Observable
  1. Cocoa pods not installed

    i) run this command in the terminal sudo gem install cocoapods

    -bash: pod: command not found

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