A demonstration of some fairly bizarre slowness I'm seeing in Splinter
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To See The Slowness

git clone https://github.com/AndrewLorente/slow_splinter_demo.git
cd slow_splinter_demo
pip install -r requirements.txt

Notice how the browser window stays open, doing nothing, for several seconds.

Investigation I Have Done

  • The code only hangs if you include a static file in the page.
  • It only hangs after two calls to visit(). The first two calls are fast; the third and any subsequent calls are slow.
  • The code hangs during an httplib request to the server, in the guts of splinter.Browser.visit()
  • More precisely, the httplib request hangs iff it comes after a 304 Not Modified response from the server. So the first call to visit() gets the static file and caches it, the second call gets a 304 Not Modified response, and the third call is slow.
  • The problem seems to be on splinter's side, not Flask's. I haven't been able to prove this, but I've demonstrated the slowness against a django project.
  • The requests made by the browser itself are reliably fast. You can monkey-patch Splinter so it doesn't make the httplib requests, and then it will be fast:
from splinter.driver.webdriver.firefox import WebDriver
from splinter.browser import _DRIVERS
class FastFirefoxDriver(WebDriver):
    def visit(self, url):
_DRIVERS['firefox'] = FastFirefoxDriver