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We're going to learn about pagination. Sometimes when there are large number of records to display, we'd rather have a user page through the records (restricting the number displayed per page) than have them scroll forever and ever.

Start by copying your solution to Blog 2 into the source directory.

To Do:

Release 0: Install the will_paginate gem

We're going to use the will_paginate gem. Edit your Gemfile and add the line

gem 'will_paginate', '~> 3.0.0'

Run bundle install to make sure the gem is installed.

Release 1 : Paginate Posts

Every page that displays a list of posts should be paginated: the list of all posts, the list of posts for a given tag, and the list of posts by a given author.

The will_paginate gem adds methods to your ActiveRecord classes to support pagination. Read through the will_paginate documentation to figure out how it works.

Additionally, it comes with a view helper to display a nice list of page links for any paginated ActiveRecord object. Use it!