Cute little deferred shading implementation.
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Cute Deferred Shading Implementation

This is a cute little implementation of normal deferred shading. The focus of this implementation was readability and brevity, so that others can learn from the code. The entire renderer is only about 1400 lines of C++ code. Note that there are probably ways in which the implementation can be made faster, but such optimizations were not performed to keep things brief, and readable.

The number of external dependencies has been intentionally kept low. The only dependencies are GLFW, a PNG loader(LodePNG) and an obj-file loader(tinyobjloader). This makes the implementation more self contained.

The entire implementation can be found in the file src/main.cpp. There are no other files.

Awesome Video


Building and Running

The project uses CMake, and all dependencies are included, so you should use CMake to generate a "Visual Studio Solution"/makefile, and then use that to compile the program.

The compiled program takes a single command line argument: the directory in which the Cryktek Sponza obj-file can be located. In order to run, you should download Crytek Sponza from here, unpack, and then run the program as

deferred_shading sponza/

where sponza/ is the unpacked directory.

Camera Controls

Camera controls for the demo: w and s to walk forward and backward. a and d to stride. o and l to fly. Hold in m to go faster. Use the mouse to rotate the camera.

More Awesome Images