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Flashy 2D fluid simulations experiments.
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fluid_sim - Some flashy 2D fluid simulations

Animated Animated Animated Animated

An implementation of the article "Fast Fluid Dynamics Simulation on the GPU", using C++ and OpenGL 3.3. This implementation implements the "advection", and "projection" steps from the article. The "diffusion" and "boundary conditions" steps of the article are not implemented. Finally, note that the primary focus was on making flashy simulations, and not on physical realism.

The code is minimalistic and is written in only ~1000LOC of C++, and uses only OpenGL and no frameworks whatsoever, so the code should be readable. The source code can be found in src/main.cpp


Longer video of fluid simulations:



The only dependencies are GLFW and stb_image. Both of which are included within this repository.

We use CMake for building. If on Linux or OS X, you can build it in the terminal by doing something like:

mkdir build && cd build && cmake .. && make

If on Windows, create a build/ folder, and run cmake .. from inside that folder. This will create a visual studio solution(if you have visual studio). Launch that solution, and then simply compile the project named fluid_sim.

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