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Simple and powerful threads emulation for PHP.
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CThread is a simple and powerful threads emulation component for PHP.

Main features and possibilites:

  • Uses forks to operate asynchronously;
  • Synchronous compatibility mode if there are no required extensions;
  • Reuse of the child processes;
  • Full exchange of data between processes. Sending arguments, receiving results;
  • Uses libevent with socket pairs for inter-process communication;
  • Supports five variants of data transfering (for processing arguments, results and event data) between processes and automatically selects the best of them: igbinary serialized data through sockets, php serialized data through sockets, System V Memory queue (sysvmsg), System V shared memory (sysvshm), Shared memory (shmop).
  • Transfer of events between the "thread" and the parent process;
  • Working with a thread pool with preservation of multiple use, passing arguments and receiving results;
  • Errors handling;
  • Timeouts for work, child process waiting, initialization;
  • Maximum performance;

CThread is written for Anizoptera CMF by Amal Samally (amal.samally at



Simply run processing asynchronously

class ExampleThread extends CThread
    protected function process()
        // Some work here

$thread = new ExampleThread();

Send argument and receive result of processing

class ExampleThread extends CThread
    protected function process()
        return $this->getParam(0);

$thread = new ExampleThread();
$result = $thread->run(123)->wait()->getResult();

Triggering events from thread

class ExampleThread extends CThread
    const EV_PROCESS = 'process';

    protected function process()
        $events = $this->getParam(0);
        for ($i = 0; $i < $events; $i++) {
            $event_data = $i;
            $this->trigger(self::EV_PROCESS, $event_data);

// Additional argument.
$additionalArgument = 123;

$thread->bind(ExampleThread::EV_PROCESS, function($event_name, $event_data, $additional_arg)  {
    // Event handling
}, $additionalArgument);

$events = 10; // number of events to trigger

$thread = new ExampleThread();

Use pool with 8 threads

$pool = new CThreadPool('ExampleThread', $threads);

$num = 25;    // Number of tasks
$left = $num; // Remaining number of tasks

do {
    // If the pool  has waiting threads
    // And we still have tasks to perform
    while ($pool->hasWaiting() && $left > 0) {
        // You get thread id after start
        $threadId = $pool->run();
    if ($results = $pool->wait($failed)) {
        foreach ($results as $threadId => $result) {
            // Successfully completed task
            // Result can be identified
            // with thread id ($threadId)
    if ($failed) {
        // Error handling.
        // The work is completed unsuccessfully
        // if the child process has died at run time or
        // work timeout exceeded.
        foreach ($failed as $threadId) {
} while ($num > 0);

// Terminating all child processes. Cleanup of resources used by the pool.

Other examples can be seen in the example file (example.php) and unit test (tests/Test_Thread.php).

You can also run the performance tests, choose the number of threads and pick the best settings for your configuration by using a test.php.


CThread — многопоточность для PHP с блэкджеком

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