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\section*{Thank You!}
This book would not have been possible without the support of each of the
authors and the following people, who helped make it happen:
\item Anne Gentle (editing)
\item Bernhard Reiter (editing)
\item Celeste Lyn Paul (editing)
\item Daniel Molkentin (layout)
\item Debajyoti Datta (website)
\item Irina Rempt (editing)
\item Jeff Mitchell (editing)
\item Mans Rullgard (editing)
\item Noirin Plunkett (editing)
\item Oregon State University Open Source Lab (website hosting)
\item Stuart Jarvis (editing)
\item Supreet Pal Singh (website)
\item Saransh Sinha (website)
\item Vivek Prakash (editing)
\item Will Kahn-Greene (editing)