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This is basically the Selenium 2.0 python test case framework. This is an attempt to provide the following features:

  1. consolidates all Selenium 2.0 python test cases and run them using a nosetests against configurable parameters

    • Browser types: IE, Firefox and Chrome etc
    • Selenium Hub Server
    • Selenium Hub Server Port
    • Base URL
    • Test Report filename in Junit xml format
  2. Running all test cases in parallel per browser using nosetests multiprocessing feature. *Note there is a work in progress to fix running test cases in parallel regardless of browser type, as of now the implementation is - test cases will run in parallel for one type of browser first i.e Firefox before moving to the next browser type or version.

  3. Provide a Junit xml report.

Link to wiki

How to Install, [Getting Started,] (
[How to Setup Environment,] ( [How to Run] (