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0.3.2 - March 3rd 2011
* Tentative Rails 3.0 and migrations support.
* Allow for different internal app directory.
0.3.1 - September 12th 2011
* Allow for different versions of Capybara (Leo Liang).
* Including Capybara::DSL instead of Capybara.
* Require 3.1.0 or better.
* Allow for JRuby in the database.yml template (Philip Arndt).
0.3.0 - September 2nd 2011
* Simple generator to create a pretty minimal internal Rails app.
0.2.0 - August 30th 2011
* Documentation.
* Allow developers to choose which Rails modules they wish to be loaded.
* Load Rails routes and Capybara helpers into RSpec examples when appropriate.
0.1.1 - August 24th 2011
* Support assets properly by loading ActionView and Sprockets railties.
0.1.0 - August 19th 2011
* First release, extracted from Dobro for HyperTiny.
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