Jersey+Guice Testable using jUnit and the InMemoryTestContainer
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:: Jersey+Guice In-Memory Test Framework ::

Jersey provides a light-weight in-memory container for testing Jersey REST resources. However, 
this container does not support testing resources that are wired using Google Guice. This 
project does provide a basic implementation of a Jersey in-memory container that supports 
testing Guice-wired REST resources. In addition, the test classes themselves can be injected 
by the same Guice modules.

This project provides a simple CRUD-based rest resource with an associated jUnit test case.

    * BallsResource
    * BallsResourceTestCase

The resource is Guice-wired in the class ApplicationResourcesModule, and a backing BallRepository
class is also injected in the test case to demonstrate resource sharing between jUnit test and
resource implementation.

The application is packaged as a WAR, and by running

    > mvn jetty:run

The actual resource can be tested using, for example, Curl:

    > curl -v -X POST -d "color=red" http://localhost:8080/example/rest/balls
    > curl -v http://localhost:8080/example/rest/balls/1
    > curl -v -X PUT -d "color=green" http://localhost:8080/example/rest/balls/1

Enjoy, and please contact me for questions.

 E-mail: runepeter(at)
Twitter: runepeter