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Version 0.06
- Add Syntax coloring if pygmentize is installed
- Add gdb-like commands:
* "info args"
* "info functions"
* "condition"
* "complete"
- Remove hard-wiring of "info", "set", and "show" commands.
- Expand help text for various commands
- Debugger commands can be the smallest unique prefix
- Fix bugs in 'trace', 'untrace' and 'shell' commands
- "set debugging" is not "set debug" to match gdb
- Unit tests are faster and have less white space but more useful information
Version 0.05
2011-3-15 Ron Frankel release
- Add an easy way to evaluate the current source line or expression inside
the source line (debugger commands "eval" and "eval?")
- ability to go into a nested shell but keeping existing variables and
functions set. (debugger command "shell")
- show hit counts in breakpoint display
- Add debugger "display" command
- Add debugger set/show autolist
- Make sure we can debug files with a space in the directory path.
- Many cleanups and some small bugfixes
- Remove emacs code. Use emacs-dbgr from github instead.
Version 0.04
2009-10-27 Halala ngosuku lokuzalwa
- Better tolerance for files with embedded blanks. Make sure to quote
parameters in argument passing.
- Add "set force", "step+", and "step-", "next+", and "next-" commands.
- Preface more variable names with _Dbg_.
- "restart" command fixed slightly.
- Remove Emacs compile warnings
Version 0.03
- Add "condition" command
- Add "kill" command
- More OSX friendly
- Add manual page and "--help" usage corrections
Version 0.02
- Add "enable", "disable", and "examine" debugger commands.
- Add "set inferior-tty" and --tty option.
- Bug fix to find scripts in . that don't start with . or / to run.
Version 0.01
First public release.