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Oct 27, 2011 (0.1.4)
- Add debugger commands:
* info iv (is in ruby-debug)
* info variables (is in ruby-debug)
* info locals as alternative to "info variables locals" (is in gdb)
- POSIX shell -x (long form: --trace) fixed
- Add disabling and enabling on display expressions
- Confirm before deleting all displays.
- Give breakpoints for files via linecache if they are syntactically
correct Ruby files
- Change whence-file to match gdb's resolution: don't apply PATH to
relative files.
- We should not "step" or "next" over an exception!
- Command Completion and help text improvements
- Syntax highlighting updated to support coderay 1.0
- Bugs fixed, code reorganized.
June 12, 2011 (0.1.3) Fleetwood Release
- Add debugger commands:
* tbreak (is in gdb)
* info globals (is in ruby-debug)
* info locals (is in gdb)
* info source (is in gdb)
* info stack (is in gdb, same as backtrace)
* info macro (in in gdb; remove show macro)
* show timer (set timer was already there)
* pp (is in ruby-debug)
* set/show reload (is in ruby-debug)
- Add options from ruby-debug:
* --cd
* --include
* --require
* --debug
- fix bugs, and improve help
March 28, 2011 (0.1.2)
- Release to correct threadrame and trace package dependencies
- add "edit" command
March 15, 2011 (0.1.1)
- Revise breakpoint location parsing
* Add: break <location> if/unless <condition>
* Add: step until <condition>
* VM offsets are now specified via @ rather than o or O
* Filenames can be quoted and blanks and characters inside escaped
- Document command syntax by adding it as a new category with sub help
- More controlled parsing of method names
- Add eval (no args) and eval? to run current source line or source line
eval? strips:
* leading "if", "elsif", "while", "until" "return" or "case", or "unless"
* trailing "then", "do"
- Save and restore some debugger state across a restart
- Redo command completion
- "disassemble" command: allow disassembly of specified line numbers
- GNU Readline:
* Start GNU readline tab (command) completion.
* Save and restore command history
* add --readline and --no-readline options to trepanx
- Macros can return more than one command now
- help
* "help macros" shows all macro names
* "help aliases" shows all alias names
* "help *" lists macros and aliases now
- start "info line"
- "info file" has/shows File::stat()'s mtime and ctime
- be able to pass --verbose to ruby to rake
Feb 1, 2011 (0.1.0)
* Add Remote debugging interface. Add options --server --port
* Add Syntax highlighting on Ruby and YARV listings and locations
* Section highlighting on some commands; italics on error if term mode
* Use ;; to allow multiple debugger commands. Document debugger command syntax
* include data files for debugging custom-require
* Numerous bug fixes and code cleanups
Dec 25, 2010 (0.0.9)
* Minor fixes. Remove some Ruby warnings
Dec 10, 2010 (0.0.8) Phel. Mad release
* Show IP in source location
* Can handle: break *method" *pos* now
* Add Kernel#debugger to be compatible with ruby-debug
* debugger { code here } work better
* source -q silences all prompt and debugger messages
* Show instruction-sequence options on demand
* Nuke debugger set_restart => true. We now have a more reliable way to
do this. Rubinius showing the way here.
* Improvements to the "list" command.
* Get/show eval string using rb-threadframe patch
Oct 27, 2010 (0.0.6)
* Add gdb directory command - this time for sure!
* Debugger "print" command rename to "pr" to avoid conflict with Ruby fns
"p" and "print" (when autoeval is in effect)
* RDoc concessions in some comments
* "break" command looks up line in file better
* Numerous bugfixes and code refactoring.
Oct 8, 2010
First release under the name trepanning
* Add gdb-like "directory" command
* Add "set max list" to set number of lines to list by default.
* "break line" searches parent instruction sequences in the same file. This
should allow more line numbers to be breakpointable.
* remap file name in custom_requre.rb
* Some small bug fixes
Sept 13, 2010
First public (gemcutter) release.