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Social-Igniter Core

This is the Core install of Social-Igniter. This repository contains all you need to get an install node up and running on your own *AMP webserver.

To check out a working install of Social-Igniter go to:

Installation Instructions

  • Click Downloads or Clone this repository
  • Place Download or Clone in your web servers directory
  • Make duplicates of the following 6 files
  • application/config/config.php.TEMPLATE
  • application/config/custom.php.TEMPLATE
  • application/config/database.php.TEMPLATE
  • application/config/routes.php.TEMPLATE
  • application/helpers/custom_helper.php.TEMPLATE
  • Make the file names config.php and such...
  • Edit config.php value $config['base_url'] to match your server url
  • Edit database.php to have match your database settings
  • Install the database located at application/install/DATABASE.sql

API Documentation

To see documentation on the API go to:


There are a whole bunch of modules (blog, twitter, etc...) that are under various states of construction to see a full list go to:


Copyright 2011 by and contributors

MIT License, CodeIgniter License