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statprof, version 0.2

This is a simple statistical profiler for Gambit-C 4.0

Written by Guillaume Germain, with some code from Marc Feeley.

Questions, comments, feature requests and bug reports are welcome.
Please send them to <>

This code is released under the same license as Gambit-C itself.

This is a beta release, but should work fine.

-- Description --

A statistical profiler is a program that will take snapshots of the
state of another program at regular intervals to get information about
where that program is spending its time.

This particular statistical profiler works by using Gambit-C's
interrupt handler to identify where the code was interrupted.

It generates an HTML version of the source code with colors added to
indicate how often the code was interrupted in particular places,
giving an idea of where time is spent in the code.

It should not affect a program's performance by much.  It will work on
multiple files.

When looking at the output, you can see a first column with the line
number, then the second column is how many times the code was
interrupted at that point out of how many interruptions.

-- How to use it --

You use it with the following three functions:

  -- begin the profiling

  -- end the profiling
WRITE-PROFILE-REPORT <profile-name> 
  -- output the data (annotated source) in HTML files in a
     <profile-name> sub-directory created in the current directory.

See the file 'example.scm' for an example of use.