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A profiler for clojure STM.



I've only tested this profile tool with clojure 1.3, I will try it with clojure 1.2 soon.

Lein dependency

    [stm-profiler "1.0.2-SNAPSHOT"]


    (use 'stm)

It will refer some methods about STM such as dosync to a new one, it will print some warnings. But please take it easy, the code was copied from clojure sources and modified a little to statistics STM. And it will not change the behaviours of these functions or macros.

Now, you can start transactions to update two references:

    (def a (ref 1))
    (def b (ref 2))
    (dotimes [_ 100] (future (dosync (alter a + 1) (alter b - 1))))

Then you can use (stm-stats) to get statistics informations:

     => (stm-stats)
     {"(alter a + 1)(alter b - 1)" {:not-running 9, :average-retry 15, :total-cost 3048, :get-fault 52, :barge-fail 372, :change-committed 1064, :total-times 100, :average-cost 30}}

It returns a map containing all transaction forms statistics infos such as total transaction times, total retry times, the detail of retries reason and times, and transaction execution cost in milliseconds.

Also, you can use (clear-stm-stats) to clear current statistics information.

If you want to see the statistics of a reference, you can use the ref-stats function:

     =>(ref-stats a)
     {"(alter a + 1)(alter b - 1)" {:alter 1601, :get-fault 52, :barge-fail 372, :change-committed 1064}}         

It also returns a map containing all transaction forms statistics infos which used this reference, and the result contains the times of special function such as alter invoked with this reference. The :alter included retry times. Then, you can use (clear-ref-stats ref) to clear reference statistics infos.

You can check this example in sample.clj.


Copyright (C) 2012

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.

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