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$result = mysql_queryf("SELECT run_id, client_id, useragent_id FROM run_client, clients WHERE DATE_ADD(run_client.updated, INTERVAL 5 MINUTE) < NOW() AND = client_id AND run_client.status = 1;");
while ( $row = mysql_fetch_array($result) ) {
$run_id = $row[0];
$client_id = $row[1];
$useragent_id = $row[2];
# Update run_useragent (clients, useragents)
mysql_queryf("UPDATE run_useragent SET runs = runs - 1 WHERE run_id=%u AND useragent_id=%u;", $run_id, $useragent_id);
mysql_queryf("DELETE FROM run_client WHERE run_id=%u AND client_id=%u;", $run_id, $client_id);
# Reset runs that race-condition deleted themselves
mysql_queryf("UPDATE run_useragent SET runs=0, completed=0, status=0 WHERE runs=max AND NOT EXISTS (SELECT * FROM run_client, clients WHERE run_client.run_id=run_useragent.run_id AND AND clients.useragent_id=run_useragent.useragent_id);");
echo "done";
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