Building and Development

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You need Visual Studio 2017 to build the project. Optionally you need Visual Studio 2015 for Client project. VS17 has/had problems with large JavaScript/TypeScript but VS15 handles it well. To build the client you also need NPM.


  • Clone the repository
  • Navigate to \Client\Client
  • run "npm install"
  • run "npm run electron:windows"
  • Copy \Client\Nethook2.dll to \Client\Client\app-builds\AoE2HDLobbyCompanion-win32-ia32 or build your own DLL
  • In \Client\Client\app-builds\AoE2HDLobbyCompanion-win32-ia32 create folder "Backend"
  • Publish the Backend project using VS 2017 to build the project (right-click on Backend project and then select Publish)
  • Copy \Backend\bin\Release\PublishOutput contents to \Client\Client\app-builds\AoE2HDLobbyCompanion-win32-ia32\Backend
  • Copy \Backend\AdditionalAssemblies contents to \Client\Client\app-builds\AoE2HDLobbyCompanion-win32-ia32\Backend
  • Launch \Client\Client\app-builds\AoE2HDLobbyCompanion-win32-ia32\AoE2HDLobbyCompanion.exe and start using it


For development purpose there is a replay mode which allows to replay existing NetHook dumps. To enable it go to Backend\Global\Variables.cs and enable ReplayMode flag. In Backend\Startup.cs under Configure method you can assign dump directory which will be replayed by assigning path to Variables.NethookDumpDir variable. If you don't have any previous dump, use the normal mode to join or host a lobby. That lobby data will be stored in NetHook directory with "_parsed" post fix which you can then use to replay unlimited times.

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