Web application that emulates a desktop with social features unificating your cloud accounts into one.
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The Social OS

The Social OS let you manage your cloud files as if you were just using local files on your normal desktop. You can also manage your accounts in multiple social networks and talk with friends thanks to a chat. The webapp is done with Google Web Toolkit.

We believe that:

  • The web is the future.
  • There is a big chaos with so many cloud services and some order is needed, The Social OS gives us this order in our social life.
  • Working in open source is the way to go.


If you want to try it, you only have to visit http://www.thesocialos.net if you want a more secure version you can visit https://thesocialos.appspot.com (no SSL with the domain, sorry) but we can't assure that everything is working with this version, probably it won't.


This project (the Google Web Toolkit version) is discontinued so feel free to fork it and work on it if you feel like it. This code is now being ported to Dart, because we think it's a cleaner solution than GWT and it's a technology with a brilliant future that lets us use future technologies like Web Components NOW.

githalytics.com alpha