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Commits on Jun 16, 2014
  1. @choptastic

    Update mysql to get tests working.

    choptastic authored
    Mysql has a number of issues with fulltext search in the middle of
    transactions, so we have to eliminate the transactions portion of push
    and pop.
    Further, to ensure that the tests all draw from the same pool (since our
    tests actually are supposed to happen in a transaction), we run them
    through a mock transaction which ensures we're always drawing from the
    same pool.
    If mysql ever fixes fulltext search during a transaction after
    inserting, then we can remove the test checking and use normal savepoint
    and rollback pairs.
    Also, there were issues loading the boss_test_app as an actual
    application, so just removed that component altogether, reconfiguring
    the configs to just specify boss_test as the application.
    ALSO, mysql's "boolean" operator is just a shortcut for tinyint(1),
    which ends up being handled by boss_db as an integer, so we had to
    modify the test model to tell boss_db to treat the boolean field as a
    Finally, fulltext search doesn't work at all in Mysql without having a
    fulltext index. So added fulltext indexing to the mysql.sql
    initialization script.
Commits on Feb 4, 2012
  1. BossDB is now its own project

    Evan Miller authored
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