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This is just a fun little app I put together to exercise my brain.

When someone visits the site they're greeted with “Will it freeze in _ tonight?” They fill the textfield in with the city, state (autocomplete is enabled for most places in the US using jquery autocomplete and or zipcode. Using @jnunemakers gem google-weather the app pulls the forecasts info in and displays a message according to the answer. It's really simple and there are a lot more things I want to add to it.


Please by all means email me at and give me feedback, ideas, helpful critic, pointers or whatever. Also add me on twitter @JasonCarpentier and let me know what you think. I'm still learning and would love helpful feedback.


It currently needs refactoring and I'm working on that daily as I learn more and more about Ruby. You're very welcome to read it and learn how not to write Ruby code.

What I used:



  • Sinatra

  • Sinatra-Flash

  • Google-Weather

  • Erubis


This app has been released under the MIT-LICENSE you can read it in the file MIT-LICENSE.txt