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Dock Master

An Extensive OS X Dock Profile/Package Tool


Dock Master is a tool for generating dock profiles and dock packages.

Originally Dock Master was written in PHP and hosted on the Error-free IT website. Due to the surprising demand for an offline tool I have rewritten Dock Master in Apple's new programming language Swift.


In its current form, Dock Master is a command-line tool.

Note: If you are uncomfortable with the command-line or just want something more user-friendly try out the web interface of Dock Master here.

  1. Install the latest Dock Master.pkg.

  2. Customise the dockmastertemplate.plist in Xcode or your favourite text editor. See the Dock Master Template Options table below for further details.

  3. Open Terminal:

  • To generate a profile: dockmaster -m -t dockmastertemplate.plist /destination/profile.mobileconfig
  • To generate a package template: dockmaster -p -t dockmastertemplate.plist /destination/
Packages vs Profiles
  • Profiles are the standard approach for enforcing preferences in OS X.
  • Dock Master packages are great for deploying an inital base dock that allows users to further customise as desired.

Dock Master Template Options

Option Description Applies to Package Default
display_name Name of the profile displayed to the end user TRUE Custom Dock
organization Organisation name (e.g. Error-free IT) FALSE
description Profile description FALSE
scope System or User FALSE System
contents_immutable Prevent dock from being modified TRUE FALSE
merge_with_existing_dock Merge with any existing dock items TRUE FALSE
add_network_home Adds the user's network home folder to the dock TRUE FALSE
tile_size Maximum icon size. Value: 1-256 TRUE 68
tile_size_immutable Lock tile_size TRUE FALSE
magnification Magnification when hovering over items TRUE FALSE
magnification_immutable Lock magnification TRUE FALSE
magnification_size The level of magnification when hovering over items. Value: 1-256 TRUE 128
magnification_size_immutable Lock magnification_size TRUE FALSE
position Position of the dock. Value: left, bottom or right TRUE bottom
position_immutable Lock position TRUE FALSE
minimize_effect Minimise effect. Value: genie or scale TRUE genie
minimize_effect_immutable Lock minimize_effect TRUE FALSE
animate_app_launch Applications animate (bounce) on open TRUE TRUE
animate_app_launch_immutable Lock animate_app_launch TRUE FALSE
auto_hide Dock hides and only appears on hover TRUE FALSE
show_process_indicators Display a dot to indicate the application is running TRUE TRUE
show_process_indicators_immutable Lock show_process_indicators TRUE FALSE
minimize_into_app Windows minimise into their respective app icon TRUE FALSE
minimize_into_app_immutable Lock minimize_into_app TRUE FALSE
cfurl_string Path to App or resource TRUE
removable Dock item can be removed TRUE FALSE
label Specify a label (e.g. Network Resources) TRUE Extracted from cfurl_string
arrangement Sort by. Value: 1=Name, 2=Date Added, 3=Date Modified, 4=Date Created or 5=Kind TRUE 1
show_as View content as. Value: 1=Fan, 2=Grid, 3=List or 4=Automatic TRUE 4
display_as Display as. Value: 1=Folder or 2=Stack TRUE 2