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- add support for farming redo in trading goods
- finish details trade items for remaining job titles
- add support for 3d armor in trading goods
- redo /villagers spawn chat command into formspec instead
- remove dependancy on mg_villagers mod.
- make unique chat for 'single' houses and for region type
-- use the nodemetadata to track how many mystery and simplejob traders will spawn..
-- then can spawn mystery trader and coin exchange trader
- create mystery merchants that sell only one valueable items at a time (only one in each village)
- add 'rosetta stone' item. if player does not hold in inventory, speeach from native and desert
-- villagers will not display in a legible format
- add check for unsupported mods. do not load villager's mod if unsupported mods are present
- minetest.after removing chat bubbles when many are in screen.
- prevent manual spawning if in water
- villagers in snowy region will offer some snow for free
- create custom main dialogue for traders
- make metalsmith use only mineral and metal related dialogue from 'game facts'
- make chat dialogue based on scm type and not building type anymore
-- for now, only librarians, smith, tower gaurds, and house residents give random game facts.
- slightly reduce the chance for smalltalk chat for each villager
- make item stock based on the item type: expensive items have less stock, but bigger villages have more stock.
- make villagers who spawn in homes with multiple inhabitants follow these patterns:
-- 1 inhab: a) adult male b) adult female c) old male d) old female
-- 2 inhab: a) adult male and female b) old male and female c) more to come
-- 3 inhab: a) adult male and female and young b) old male and female and young
-- 4 inhab: a) adult male and female and two young b) old male and female and adult female and young
-- 5 inhab: a) adult male and female and three young b) old male and female and adult male and female and young
- make custom dialogue also based on village type. Ex: huts in medieval are larger and have beds and huts in cornernote do not.
- make the village region type (hot, cold, normal, native, desert) not based purely on the village type, but instead
-- based on the surrounding blocks and village tree types from the village spawn point.
- allow villagers to open/close and walk through doors and gates
- while villager is walking and attempting to chat, show chat bubble 'pardon me', 'excuse me', 'sorry', 'coming through', 'walking here', etc.
- due to many more spawned villagers matching each bed, make most of these villagers walk the roads instead of randomly wandering around the plot
- add new variable 'vDoorFound' and 'vDoorPosition' that stores the position of a found door as verifyPath() executes
- after each walk action, check if vDoorFound is true contains a position and currPos + 2 nodes forward doesn't hit maxDistance, then set action to USEDOOR
- USEDOOR: villager opens door, walks forward two nodes, and closes door, then sets action to STAND.
- have villagers appear on bed laying down at night
- make villagers that have no beds lay on the ground at night with a sleeping mat (maybe next to a tree or building)
- have guards wield a shield and/or weapon
- make tower villagers appear atop tower
- have farmers/field workers plant seedlings if they encounter bare soil
- make field villagers stay near their fields and not wander off
- villager wields the tool depending on what item digging - shovel for snow, hoe for crops and soil, etc
- add unique chat dialogue for remaining villager types
- add better clothing textures for 'church' villager types
- add clothing textures that match old aged villagers
- make church villagers look for and stay inside the church
- add support for weather mod
- have villagers say something different depending on weather
- when adding more hair textures start using v1.8 type
- add probability for adult and old males to have beards
- add probability for gloves in cold regions
- add more jacket styles
- add more female short sleeved, long sleeved and sleeveless shirt styles
- add different dress type of males (currently using slightly modified texture of female full dress)
- add more full dress styles for females
- tower guard spawn atop the tower too!
- free roaming villagers that just walk the streets and chat
- villagers climb stairs and villagers sit on furniture
- support for Farming Redo items for trading
- allow villagers to kill mobs
- allow villagers to get 'knocked out' (but not die) from attackes
- knocked out villagers will automatically recover and stand back up after some time
- cannot trade with a knocked out villager
- knocked out villager can only respond like 'uuuhg', 'ouch', 'help', etc when knocked out
- player can right-click on villager with a healing item to help recovery
- player who initiated a chat or trade might have chat bubble stick when
-- another player chats same villager
- on very rare occasions villagers seen to walk diagonally
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