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[Hackintosh] Configuration for Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Extreme.
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Hackintosh for Thinkpad X1 Extreme


This hackintosh you guys made, excited! ——— Zemin Jiang.

Current Release: 10.14.4-V1.1

Current Clover Version: 4920

Current macOS Version: 10.14.4

Developer: @Errrneist

Don't forget to star this project if you like it!

I recommend read the entire readme.MD before you take any action.




FORK the project to your own repository and clone it to your machine using Github Desktop to make changes.
Clover Bootloader
Issue Report
  • We welcome people to submit issue and report them! This will help all of us to figure out what can be done to the laptop. Please file a issue in the Issues module.
  • I recognize that there are a lot of Chinese speaking people participating in the discussion which is good! But if you can, please also leave an English version of your message when you post your discussion so we can have the world solve problems together.
  • 我也发现有很多同胞积极讨论,这很棒!但是如果可以的话请随手附上一份英语翻译,不会英语直接翻译器翻一下就好,这样我们就可以和全世界一起完善这个项目啦!

Discussions and News

  • zysuper's Work: Here is another helpful alternative Thinkpad X1 Extreme Clover EFI configuration repository. Please check out his work as well as some some issues are addressed in both of our repositories. Star his work too!
  • Bluetooth is not working. A lot of further work needs to be done here. Intel is embedding BT chips into PCH which does not work in macOS. We also have a long discussion in the issues so check it out if you are interested in this issue. Link below in the Pinned Discussions. After research (cr. darkal) we found out that using AC9560 and a USB-AC53 Nano would somehow implement the Bluetooth feature, so currently we are moving toward that direction. We are also exploring with BT USB adapter.
  • Apple won't work with NVIDIA to release graphics card driver for 10.14. Currently, there is nothing we can do. We also have not tweaked on Thunderbolt 3 since we don't have proper hardware to test it.
  • Recently, people on TonyMacX86 are having issue with PM981. PM981 is troublesome for Hackintosh and I am not using it for install. I'm using a Toshiba XG3. However, you can check out zysuper's repo on ACPI files to make PM981 working.
  • People are experiencing weird touchpad issues when boot windows from clover. So far not much can be done, so I recommend you to just set auto boot time in clover be 2sec or -1sec, and just use F12 to switch OS.
  • For video editors who use FinalCutPro and Davenci be aware that updating to 10.14.3 might cause OpenGL issue that makes rendering take forever. (cr. cthetoy).

Pinned Discussions



Cheers, Errrneist.

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