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Welcome to the QRTEParser Django webservice project!

Parser v2


This project is intended as a replacement for the QRTEParser written in Java. If you've found your way to this repository, you're most likely interested in hosting using the local python parser, or hosting your own webserver. However, for completeness sake, the webservice we offer can be found here:


Currently, the parser has only been tested for Python2.7. It will not work for Python3 You can check which version of Python you're running by doing

$ python -V

Generally, both python3 and python2 are installed on pc's. If your python is linked to python3, you can check whether any of the following work:

python2 -V
python27 -V

Installing Python

Please look here for a guide on how to install python for your OS:

Quick Usage

In case you want to run the parser without the webservice overhead, you can simply use found in the project's root directory

$ python path/to/file.csv

Starting from the Terminal

In case you want to run your Django application from the terminal just run:

  1. Rename to in qparser

    $ mv qparser/ qparser/

  2. Install requirements using PIP

    $ sudo pip install -r requirements.txt

  3. Create your database migrations

    $ python makemigrations

  4. Build your database

    $ python migrate

  5. Run your webserver

    $ python runserver

Support & Documentation

QRTEngine website can be found at:

Known Errors

Older versions of the parser had the following error happening consistently:

ImportError: No module named builtins

builtins was required for Python2/3 hybrid support, but since the parser has been made Python-2 ONLY, builtins is no longer required, and as such this error should have been fixed.


QRTEParser webservice written in Python for Django






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