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  • allow 'optional' relations
  • Sidekiq fixes
  • Replace all before_filter with before_action for Rails 5.1 compatibility


  • Removed (stale, no longer working) MongoDB support; moved code to separate branch
  • Added without_tenant option (see readme, thx duboff)


  • (Sub)domain lookup is no longer case insensitive
  • Added ability to use inverse_of (thx lowjoel)
  • Added ability to disable tenant checking for a block (thx duboff)
  • Allow for validation that associations belong to the tenant to reflect on associations which return an Array from where (thx ludamillion)


  • Added ability to configure a default tenant for testing purposes. (thx iangreenleaf)
  • AaT will now accept a string for a tenant_id (thx calebthompson)
  • Improvements to readme (thx stgeneral)


  • Added Mongoid compatibility [thx iangreenleaf]


  • Fix for proper handling of polymorphic associations (thx sol1dus)
  • Fix fefault scope to generate correct sql when using database prefix (thx IgorDobryn)
  • Added ability to specify a custom Primary Key (thx matiasdim)
  • Sidekiq 3.2.2+ no longer supports Ruby 1.9. Locking Sidekiq in gemspec at 3.2.1.
  • Update RSPEC to 3.0. Convert all specs (thx petergoldstein)
  • support sidekiq 3 interface (thx davekaro)


  • Added method set_current_tenant_by_subdomain_or_domain (thx preth00nker)


  • Fix to degredation introduced after 3.1 that prevented tenant_id from being set during initialization (thx jorgevaldivia)


  • Fix to a bug introduced in 0.3.2


  • Support user defined foreign keys on scoped models


  • correctly support nested models with has_many :through (thx dexion)
  • Support '' (thx wtfiwtz)
  • Support setting tenant_id on scoped models if the tenant_id is nil (thx Matt Wilson)


  • Added support for Rails 4


  • You can now raise an exception if a query on a scope model is made without a tenant set. Adding an initializer that sets config.require_tenant to true will accomplish this. See readme for more details.
  • ActsAsTenant.with_tenant will now return the value of the block it evaluates instead of the original tenant. The original tenant is restored automatically.
  • acts_as_tenant now raises standard errors which can be caught individually.
  • set_current_tenant_to, which was deprecated some versions ago and could lead to weird errors, has been removed.


  • Added support for many-to-many associations (thx Nucleoid)


  • Added dependencies to gemspec (thx aaronrenner)
  • Added the ActsAsTenant.with_tenant block method (see readme) (thx aaronrenner)
  • Acts_as_Tenant is now thread safe (thx davide)


  • Changed the interface for passing in the current_tenant manually in the controller. set_current_tenant_to has been deprecated and replaced by set_current_tenant_through_filter declaration and the set_current_tenant method. See readme for details.


  • Fixed a bug with resolving the tenant model name (thx devton!)
  • Added support for using relations: User.create(:account => Account.first) now works, while it wouldn't before (thx bnmrrs)


  • Added Rails 3.2 compatibility (thx nickveys!)


  • Added correct handling of child models that do not have their parent set (foreign key == nil)


  • Added support for models that declare a has_one relationships, these would error out in the previous versions.


  • Enhancements
    • Added support for aliased associations ( belongs_to :something, :class_name => 'SomethingElse'). In previous version these would raise an 'uninitialized constant' error.


  • Initial release