How we run our business at Esanjo
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The Esanjo Way

The Esanjo Way is detailed guide about how we run our business at Esanjo. This is the central repository of our collective knowledge base. It is always changing and is open to anyone to contribute to, or fork and use for their own purposes.

How to Install & Use

The Esanjo Way has been built on Hugo, an incredibly nice, fast, static site generator. The best way to get up and running with Hugo is to install it locally. Hugo's documentation is the best place to get started, or alternatively use the instructions below, assuming you're on macOS:

  1. Install Homebrew.

  2. Install Hugo.

brew install hugo

  1. Clone, download or fork this repository.

  2. Navigate over to your project folder and use Hugo's built in web server to launch Hugo.

hugo server

  1. Boom, you're up. The Esanjo Way be default will be available at http://localhost:1313/.


Thank you considering contributing!

The best way to contribute is to install Hugo locally using the instructions above, cloning this repo and creating a pull request. A pull request is a way to indicate that you'd like to make some changes to a given repository (more reading on pull requests and good practice).

  1. Create a summary of your changes
  2. Explain why you're making these changes
  3. Create your pull request.

We aim to review and merge changes in as quickly as possible. If a request may require discussion, it'll take place as one or more comments to the pull request.

The alternative, easier way to contribute is to use GitHub's built in editor. This is a fast way to create, edit, rename or move a given file. Any changes that you make will result in a pull request.


Content contained in the Esanjo Way is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. All code including the Esanjo Hugo theme is licensed under the MIT License