EscrowCoin V2 Core
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EscrowCoin Core V2

EscrowCoin V2 Core

Block Time: ~150 seconds
Coin Maturity: 30 blocks
Maximum Coin Supply: 30 Million
Lightning Network: Compatible
Masternodes: Enabled
Masternodes Collateral: 2,000 ESCO
Difficulty retargeting: Every Block
POS Block Reward : .5 - 8 ESCO

Introducing EscrowCoin

Introducing a new decentralized, open source, community driven digital currency, focusing on Escrow services. The currency unit of account is ESCO, along with its exchange ticker.

Open Source

ESCO is open source. Anyone is free to contribute to ESCO development and make a pull request through Github. Further details, making community contributions as smooth as possible, will become available in the future on the new website.

Decentralized Ownership

Ownership and access rights are decentralized. This ensures that the long-term application and longevity is not dependent on a single individual any longer. This safeguards not only EscrowCoin future, but also your investment and partnerships.

Community Orientated

One of ESCO core values is being community oriented. Rest assured knowing that the ESCO foundation team will always strive to collect feedback and suggestions from the community and evaluate the input.

Trust & Security

Trust and Security are core concerns for users today as well businesses. To ensure that ESCO is as effective as possible Escrow Service application, ESCO will maintain a high focus on increasing anonymity and most important on creating trust and security.


Coin Specs

Block Time150 Seconds
Difficulty RetargetingEvery Block
Total Coin Supply 30,000,000 ESCO
Premine5,000,000 ESCO*

PoS Rewards Breakdown

Block HeightMasternodes (80%)Staker (20%)
226-10000 0.4 ESCO 0.1 ESCO
10001-25000 3.2 ESCO 0.8 ESCO
25001 Onwards 6.4 ESCO 1.6 ESCO


MainNet RPC12928
TestNet RPC12931