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--- Welcome to 7-Zip-JBinding README file ---

7-Zip-JBinding is a free cross-platform java binding of 7-Zip free compress/decompress library


1. License Info
2. GNU LGPL information
3. License notes
4. Documentation
5. Version number guide lines
6. Compile
6.1 Compile on Linux
6.2 Compile on Windows
7. Developer notes
7.1 Applying new 7-Zip release

1. License Info

7-Zip-JBinding and 7-Zip/p7zip binaries are licensed under GNU LGPL.
For more information about 7-Zip source code licenses please see
7-Zip read me file. For more information about p7zip source code
please see p7zip read me file.

2. GNU LGPL information

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public
License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either
version 2.1 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

This library is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
Lesser General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public
License along with this library; if not, write to the Free Software
Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA  02111-1307  USA

3. License notes

You can support development of 7-Zip by registering.

7-Zip/p7zip/7-Zip-JBinding is free software distributed under the GNU LGPL.
If you need license with other conditions, write to

6. Documentation

The documentation provided in multiple ways:

- ReleaseNotes.txt
  Summary of the included features. Found in each distribution and online (

- Small introduction + collection of code snippets
  Also a copy of the archived web page is included in each distribution (

- JavaDoc
  Provided as a seperate archive within each distribution (
  Also JavaDoc is included in both archived web page within the distribution ( and online

5. Version number guide lines

The scheme for the 7-Zip-JBinding version numbers is:

	<7-Zip/p7zip version> - <7-Zip-JBinding major version>.<7-Zip-JBinding minor version><release stage><impl. stage>

7-Zip/p7zip version - version of the underlying 7-Zip and p7zip libraries.

7-Zip-JBinding major version - major version of 7-Zip-JBinding base on the specified 7-Zip/p7zip version, beginning from 1 
7-Zip-JBinding minor version - major version of 7-Zip-JBinding base on the specified 7-Zip/p7zip version, beginning from 0

release stage:
	- 'alpha'       - alpha release: substantial part of the functionality included, not stable. For testing purposes only.
	- 'rc' / 'beta' - release candidate: all functionality included, not tested enough to be considered stable. Use with care.
	- ''            - release considered stable. For generally use.
impl stage: (implementation stage)
	Optional. Information about implemented and not implemented features.
	- '-extr-only' - compression features are not included. 

	 4.65-1.0alpha      - Alpha release of 7-Zip-JBinding version 1.0 based on 7-Zip/p7zip version 4.65
	 4.66-1.01rc        - Release candidate of 7-Zip-JBinding version 1.1 based on 7-Zip/p7zip version 4.66
	 4.66-1.01beta      - Release candidate of 7-Zip-JBinding version 1.1 based on 7-Zip/p7zip version 4.66
	 4.66-2.3-extr-only - Stable release of 7-Zip-JBinding version 2.3 based on 7-Zip/p7zip version 4.66
	 				      without compression features.
	 4.66-2.3 - Stable release of 7-Zip-JBinding version 2.3 based on 7-Zip/p7zip version 4.66

6. Compile

Please note, you will need a source code distribution to compile 7-Zip-JBinding.

Hint: for more examples how to compile 7-Zip-JBinding see "<git-root>/scripts" directory ( 

6.1 Compile on Linux

a) Download source package from
   and extract it into some <srcdir> directory. Try to avoid directory names with spaces in your path.

   Optionally you can checkout a master (current development version) from GIT repository 
	$ git clone git:// SevenZipJBinding
	$ git clone SevenZipJBinding

	$ cd SevenZipJBinding
	$ git checkout Release-4.65-1.02rc-extr-only

b) You will need the CMake (2.6 or higher) to configure 7-Zip-JBinding for your system.
   You can check the version of your CMake by typing:
	$ cmake --version

   If you don't have cmake installed or cmake version isn't sufficient you can download and install CMake from official
   web site:
   On Debian or Ubuntu Linux you can install cmake by typing
    $ sudo apt-get install cmake

c) The next step is to run CMake. Both in-source and out-of-source methods are supported. Here is example of in-source build:
	$ cmake .

   Where <srcdir> is a directory, where you extracted or checked out the source code.	
   On some Linux distributions you will need to set JAVA_JDK cmake option to your Java JDK 1.5 or higher. You can use a GUI CMake
   tool 'cmake-gui', edit 'CMakeCache.txt' file with your favorite text editor or just delete 'CMakeCache.txt' file
   and restart CMake with a -DJAVA_JDK parameter:
	$ cmake . -DJAVA_JDK=<path-to-jdk>
   If everything goes right, you will get an overview of chosen tools and build options.

d) Now type to compile 7-Zip-JBinding
	$ make
e) After make succeeds you can either run tests by typing
	$ ctest
	$ ctest -D Experimental
	to submit test results to the dashboard (
f) You can build a binary package by typing
    $ make package

6.2 Compile on Windows
    Both MinGW and Cygwin environments can be used to compile 7-Zip-JBinding. Using MinGW to compile 7-Zip-JBinding 
    is recommended and is much easier. The steps are:

a) Download and install MinGW from the official web site:
b) Download and install CMake from the official web site:
c) Download and extract 7-Zip-Binding source package from
d) Open cmd console, go into the directory with extracted 7-Zip-Binding source and type  
	D:\...> cmake -G"MinGW Makefiles" .
e) Type
	D:\...> mingw32-make.exe
f) Type 'ctest' to run tests or 'mingw32-make.exe package' to build a binary package

If you have any troubles with 7-Zip-JBinding please, ask for help. Use forum or issue tracker on sourceforge:

7 Developer notes

7.1 Binding new 7-Zip release

TODO describe this

- In StringConvert.cpp
  - Remove SystemStringToOemString() method
- In StringConvert.h 
  - Remove SystemStringToOemString() method definition
- Verify, that the implementations in
  - PlatformMinGW/MyWindows.cpp
  - PlatformMinGW/MyUser32.cpp
  still match corresponding implementation in the p7zip

Have fun!	 





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