UserJS script for Google Chrome to enhance Twitter web interface performance by adding new feautres to it
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Muyou Twitter UserJs

What is this?

This user JavaScript (or UseJs for shorter) is intended to provide richer experience when using Twitter web interface by adding some new features listed in corresponding section.


Designed to work on Google Chrome. Tested on version 12.


  1. Download muyou.twitter.user.js file containing script.
  2. Drag'n'drop it onto your Google Chrome browser.
  3. Click on the Continue button on the bottom downloads panel.
  4. Click on the Install button in the dialog box appeared.
  5. Refresh Twitter web interface page to get UserJs working.


  • Autoshow for new tweets – new tweets are automatically expands by imitating mouse click on new tweets count box.
  • Ctrl+Enter send – after you type new tweet text into textbox you can press Ctrl+Enter to immediately send it without letting fingers leave keyboard.
  • Autosave for unsent tweet – text you entered into new tweet textbox saves automatically upon page refreshes and browser restarts.


  • Implement tweets filtering by selected keywords.
  • Add settings dialog to configure UserJs script behavior.
  • Statistics for navigation by links from tweets.
  • Coding TODOs:
  • Implement feature-based structure (features can be turned on|off in settings);
  • Implement filter method to process each of inserted elements;
  • Create methods for matching elements against CSS selectors (ofcourse with is method as well);
  • Use of IndexedDb for storing settings and statistics.