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fzf wrapper to launch apps defined on .desktop files
C Python
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This is a very simple python wrapper around fzf to pick and launch an app through swaywm (or i3) IPC features.


It retrieves all the information it needs by parsing .desktop files from /usr/share/applications/ and then from $HOME/.local/share/applications for an easier way of overwritting default values.


  1. Clone this repository
git clone
  1. Install with pip after entering the newly created folder
pip3 install --user .
  1. You could also compile the C version and place the generated executable on your PATH
gcc fzf_launcher.c -o $HOME/.local/bin/fzf-launcher


Launch with the command


Since it's meant as an app launcher is recommended to use it in combination with a terminal emulator window floating in the screen. You can pass to it any argument that fzf would accept. Per example:

	--profile "Pop-up" \
	-e pyfzf-launcher \
		-i \
		--layout=reverse \
		--prompt "Launch: " \

Replace as needed to use the C executable name of your choice. Will open a konsole window, with all the settings from the profile "Pop-up" and execute the launcher enabling case insensitive search, arranging the options by alphabetical order, using the string "Launch: " as custom prompt and a set of colors that will look like this:

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