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DnsMadeEasy DNS Update

This is a simple tool that periodically updates your IP when it changes for DnsMadeEasy's dynamic DNS. It works on Windows (EXE file provided), Mac, and Linux.


Download the latest version here:

Download DnsMadeEasy

There is no installation, only an EXE and JAR file. Windows users only need the EXE file and run it in the usual ways. Other OS users only need the JAR file and run it using java -jar dnsmadeeasy.jar.


When run the first time, the tool creates a ~/.dnsmadeeasy/config.txt file containing:

Record ID: 
Minutes: 30
Last IP: 
Exit: false

User and Password are your DnsMadeEasy credentials. You may optionally configure DnsMadeEasy to have a password per record, so you don't need to use your account password. Record ID identifies the record to update. Minutes is the number of minutes between IP checks. Last IP does not need to be set manually. If Exit is true, the program does not stay running. It will check the IP and update if needed, then exit.

After saving the config.txt file, the DnsMadeEasy tool must be restarted. On Windows the tool runs in the background and only a single instance is allowed, so use Task Manager to end the task before starting it again.

Configure your OS to start the tool when the OS starts.


The tool creates a ~/.dnsmadeeasy/dnsmadeeasy.log file that contains timestamps for when the IP has changed and any error messages.


The tool is released as OSS under the New BSD license.