The spine-libgdx runtime provides functionality to load, manipulate and render Spine skeletal animation data using libgdx.


This Spine Runtime may only be used for personal or internal use, typically to evaluate Spine before purchasing. If you would like to incorporate a Spine Runtime into your applications, distribute software containing a Spine Runtime, or modify a Spine Runtime, then you will need a valid Spine license. Please see the Spine Runtimes Software License for detailed information.

The Spine Runtimes are developed with the intent to be used with data exported from Spine. By purchasing Spine, Section 2 of the Spine Software License grants the right to create and distribute derivative works of the Spine Runtimes.

Spine version

spine-libgdx works with data exported from Spine 3.5.xx.

spine-libgdx supports all Spine features and is the reference runtime implementation.


  1. Download the Spine Runtimes source using git or by downloading it as a zip.
  2. Using Eclipse, import the project by choosing File -> Import -> Existing projects. For other IDEs you will need to create a new project and import the source.

Alternatively, the contents of the spine-libgdx/src directory can be copied into your project.


  • The "test" source directory contains optional examples.
  • spine-libgdx depends on the gdx-backend-lwjgl project so the tests can easily be run on the desktop. If the tests are excluded, spine-libgdx only needs to depend on the gdx project.
  • spine-libgdx depends on the gdx-box2d extension project solely for the Box2DExample test.