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Raspberry Pi Python 3 TM1637

A Python 3 port from MicroPython library for the quad 7-segment LED display modules based on the TM1637 LED driver, implemented on Raspberry Pi.


Copy the file to your device, using ampy, webrepl or compiling and deploying. eg.

$ ampy put

Basic usage

import tm1637
from machine import Pin
tm = tm1637.TM1637(clk=Pin(5), dio=Pin(4))

# all LEDS on "88:88"
tm.write([127, 255, 127, 127])

# all LEDS off
tm.write([0, 0, 0, 0])

# show "0123"
tm.write([63, 6, 91, 79])

# show "COOL"
tm.write([0b00111001, 0b00111111, 0b00111111, 0b00111000])

# show "HELP"'help')

# display "dEAd", "bEEF"

# show "12:59"
tm.numbers(12, 59)

# show "-123"

# show temperature '24*C'

For more detailed examples, see

Seven Segment Font

They are called 7-segment displays as there are 7 LEDs for each digit (segment). One byte (7 lower bits) for each segment. The 8th bit (MSB) is for the colon and only on the 2nd segment.

  F |   | B   *
     -G-      H (on 2nd segment)
  E |   | C   *

0b01101101 = 0x6D = 109 = show "5"
Display Bin Hex Dec
0 0b00111111 0x3F 63
1 0b00000110 0x06 6
2 0b01011011 0x5B 91
3 0b01001111 0x4F 79
4 0b01100110 0x66 102
5 0b01101101 0x6D 109
6 0b01111101 0x7D 125
7 0b00000111 0x07 7
8 0b01111111 0x7F 127
9 0b01101111 0x6F 111
A 0b01110111 0x77 119
b 0b01111100 0x7C 124
C 0b00111001 0x39 57
d 0b01011110 0x5E 94
E 0b01111001 0x79 121
F 0b01110001 0x71 113
G 0b00111101 0x3D 61
H 0b01110110 0x76 118
I 0b00000110 0x06 6
J 0b00011110 0x1E 30
K 0b01110110 0x76 118
L 0b00111000 0x38 56
M 0b01010101 0x55 85
n 0b01010100 0x54 84
O 0b00111111 0x3F 63
P 0b01110011 0x73 115
q 0b01100111 0x67 103
r 0b01010000 0x50 80
S 0b01101101 0x6D 109
t 0b01111000 0x78 120
U 0b00111110 0x3E 62
v 0b00011100 0x1C 28
W 0b00101010 0x2A 42
X 0b01110110 0x76 118
y 0b01101110 0x6E 110
Z 0b01011011 0x5B 91
blank 0b00000000 0x00 0
- 0b01000000 0x40 64
* 0b01100011 0x63 99


Get or set brightness.


Write one or more segments at a given offset.

write(segments, pos=0)

Convert a single hex digit (0x00-0x0f) to a segment.


Convert a string to a list of segments.


Convert a single character to a segment.


Display a number in hexadecimal format 0000 through FFFF.


Display a number -999 through 9999, right aligned.


Display 2 independent numbers on either side of the (optional) colon, with leading zeros.

numbers(num1, num2, colon=True)

Display a temperature -9 through 99 followed by degrees C.


Show a string on the display. Shorthand for write(encode_string()). Limited to first 4 characters.

show(string, colon=False)

Display a string on the display, scrolling from the right to left, speed adjustable. String starts off-screen and scrolls until off-screen at 4 FPS by default.

scroll(string, delay=250)


Licensed under the MIT License.

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