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Tarkoviski Updated WikiStats to version 1.2.0
Added a special class for Curse employees (dota, dotapt, artifact)
Updated the homepage to resemble Wiki-fi's
Updated wiki homepages to display top 10 editors and uploaders from all time
Updated updateUser to automatically remove users when MediaWiki doesn't return an userid
Updated route files for wiki and users routes
Updated wiki routes from /:wiki/wiki/* to /wiki/:wiki/*
Updated user routes from /:wiki/user/:user/* to /user/:wiki/:user/*
Updated (WikiStats -> Wiki Stats)
Fixed lists directory returning duplicate lists in some cases
Latest commit d54c23b May 11, 2019

Wiki Stats


Wiki Stats is based on the original Wiki-Fi.

It currently only supports the Official Team Fortress Wiki; the Dota 2 Wiki and its brazilian offshoot; and the Portal Wiki but may support other wikis at some point in the future.


Wiki Stats is built using Node.js.

Due to a limitation in the worker-nodes library, Wiki Stats currently only runs on Linux. To run it on Windows, install WSL with your Linux distribution of choice (if you don't have one, it's probably Debian), make sure you install Node on this subsystem, and run node/NPM through bash in the Windows command line.

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