An alarm clock iOS app that guarantee to wake you up
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This is an alarm clock app I developed as a part of a school project when I was 15 years old. In addition to working like a normal alarm clock, it gives you challenges you have to solve to turn off the alarm, one psysical challenge and one theoretical based on your preferences. It will do it's utmost to wake you up, for instance spamming you with notifications if you decide to quit the app. It will also give you some nice features, like fetching weather from your iPhone's current location.

The project involves over 3000 lines of code written in Objective-C. I do have to add a crucial caveat here regarding the code. During the development, being young and inexperienced, I did not adhere to any programming naming conventions. Neither did I have a good grip on object oriented programming at the time. This means you probably could find some not so pretty solutions. The code have classes and variables written in Norwegian.

Despite all this, it lead to a satisfying result. A fully functioning app that works like a charm. Below are some screenshots.

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