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This page has tools (web apps and Python libraries/scripts) to help you administer your ArcGIS Online subscription or Portal for ArcGIS instance.

Web Apps

Vector basemap stylers (NEW!):

  1. App | code

Story Maps: My Stories (added 3 Jun 2015) - My Stories is an easy way to manage all of your story map applications in one place. It enables you to check and correct many errors such as broken links and sharing inconsistencies between apps, web maps, and layers that prevent your audience from using and enjoying your story maps. ArcGIS Online administrators should make all members who publish story maps aware of this tool.

NOTE: My Stories is also included in Portal for ArcGIS 10.4. To access it go to https://[]/[portal-name]/apps/MyStories (case sensitive).

Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online - This is a FREEmium tool from Esri Partner GEO-Jobe that enables administrators to perform common administrative tasks in bulk. See the link to its ArcGIS Marketplace listing for more details on features.

Services Status for Organizations - A visual display of the status of services and web maps registered in an organization. Items are organized by user and sharing status.

ArcGIS Item Information tool - Easily explore, search, and filter your items, manage tags, and register services. Source code on Github here.

ArcGIS Online Assistant - Adds capabilities for working with your ArcGIS Online or Portal for ArcGIS account and content. The source code for this tool is on GitHub; contribute code, log issues or enhancements here.

  • Copy content between accounts in different organizations or Portals
  • Inspect (view the JSON) for your content
  • Update the URLs of Map Services and other layers in a Web Map
  • Update the URL of registered Map Services, Web Mapping Applications, etc
  • View user stats

AGO Admin Tools - For details on each task, log into the tool and select a task. The source code for this tool is on GitHub here. Note that Phil has left Esri so is no longer reachable through the Esri email address shown on the app.

  • Change default map extent
  • Change URL key
  • Create multi-layer basemap (creation of multi-layer basemaps is supported in as of 3/2016, see here)
  • Update server/service paths

Group Emailer - Contact group members and owners by email. The source code for this tool is on GitHub here. Available actions include:

  • Email members of a selected group
  • Email all the users of an ArcGIS organization
  • Email all group owners
  • Assign all org users to a group

ArcGIS Online Catalog - Creates a list of all items (or a filtered set of items) from your organization, which is downloadable as a CSV file. The CSV file can then be easily manipulated as a PivotTable in Excel to provide a report on the number of items, items per user, and much more. For more info or to download the code see this tool's item description or the source on GitHub here.

GroupID Finder - Does just what its name implies.

Federated Search - Searches for public items on up to three portals, including Also includes a handy guide for advanced searches. Code available on GitHub here. (updated 26 Nov 2014)

Python modules and scripts

If you haven't used Python on your machine yet, see these instructions on how to set up your machine for Python admin scripting. See also the resources for developers for tutorials and other Python samples.

Append Features with Attachments - A python class to append features to an existing feature class and also append attachments. Designed to be used with feature classes of the same schema. This is especially useful for downloading features from ArcGIS Online feature services (as a FGDB) and appending the features to an existing feature class for edits or archiving. (added 3 Jun 2015)

PortalPy - Python module that allows you to administer Portal for ArcGIS and ArcGIS Online. (added 22 Apr 2014)

ago-tools - Python package to assist with administering ArcGIS Organizations. Sample tasks include:

  • Create a spreadsheet of all users
  • Update web map layer URLs
  • Find new users and add them to a list of groups
  • Move all items and transfer ownership and membership of groups between accounts, useful for transitioning to Enterprise logins

ArcREST - A set of python tools to assist working with ArcGIS REST API for ArcGIS Server (AGS) ,ArcGIS Online (AGOL), and ArcGIS WebMap JSON. (added 15 May 2014) Features include:

  • Add, Delete, Update and Query Feature Services
  • Upload attachments to feature services
  • Publish an MXD to AGOL as a feature service
  • Get AGOL,AGS item information

Script: Add item - Adds an item, such as a web map that will be used as a basemap. This script can be used to add a two-layer basemap item (i.e., basemap + reference layer, like Esri's "Imagery and Labels" basemap) using this code snippet.

Scripts: AGOL Tools by Esri UK - Scripts include:

  • Overwrite an existing feature service
  • Batch publish MXDs to AGO as feature services and web maps

agollib by Mark Lindburg @ University of Minnesota - Monitors an ArcGIS Online subscription and dumps info to a CSV file for analysis (in Excel, for example).

Script: Pull Hosted Features - Downloads features (including ATTACHMENTS) from a hosted feature service to a local file geodatabase. (added 15 Oct 2013, updated 03 Jan 2014)

Script: Resize images for thumbnails - Resizes a folder of images to the correct size for use as item/group thumbnails. (added 27 Jan 2014)

Other Tools

ArcGIS Online Services Admin - NEW!! (added 14 Sep 2015) - this is newly added to this page, but not a new function of ArcGIS. For any hosted service you have administrator access to you can access additional API functions through an admin page. Visit the service URL and add "/admin/" between "rest" and "services" as shown in this example:[orgid]/arcgis/rest/admin/services/[service_name]/FeatureServer/0

This services admin page can be used to update aspects of the service definition including changing the schema, adding/changing copyright text, or changing any other aspect of the definition. See this blog post and this doc for more information.

ArcGIS Online Credit Usage Tracker - Excel workbook that helps track monthly credit usage for your organization. There are also several charts that help visualize usage by category that help identify anomalies and unusual situations. (added 8 Feb 2015)

Service Publisher for 10.1 - Desktop add-in that enables batch registration of services from a GIS server to ArcGIS Online. This version should also work for 10.2.x/10.3.x. There is also a 10.0 version available here.

C# samples for developers - C# samples for developers working with ArcGIS Online/Portal API. Samples include geocoding, routing, IP address location, feature service creation, aggregation, and more.