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GPSTester - Changelog

Version 2.1 - Sept. 10, 2015

No beaking changes.


  • Closes #19. Slows down app clock from 1 millisecond to 1000. This reduced CPU usage from 30 - 40% to less than 10%.

Version 2.0 - Sept. 3, 2015

Breaking Changes. Migrates the project from Eclipse to Android Studio.


  • Completely restructured project directory to Android Studio pattern
  • Updated to work with ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Android v10.2.6-2
  • Removed old Eclipse project files
  • Moved action icons to the ActionBar options menu
  • Added and .gitignore
  • Deleted /libs
  • Deleted drawable-hdpi/ldpi/mdpi
  • Deleted config
  • Added mipmap
  • Added grable build files

Version 1.5 - May 30, 2014

Updated to work with ArcGIS SDK for Android v10.2.3 and Android v4.2.2

Version 1.4.2 - November 5, 2013

Updated to work with ArcGIS SDK for Android v10.2

Version 1.4.1 - July 18, 2013

  • App now detects when internet connection goes off and back on.

Version 1.4 - July 17, 2013

  • Fixed issues #10, #11 and #12.
  • Added functionality to keep screen turned on while application is visible.
  • Built and tested app against ArcGIS SDK for Android v10.1.1 Update 1.

Version 1.3 - June 11, 2013

  • Tested app to work with EsriQuickStart v1.2.1
  • Internal: Updated SettingsActivity to include a PreferenceFragment.
  • Added timestamps to Network Provider and GPS Provider text output.
  • Fixed issue #8: Send email did not contain satellite data.
  • Fixed issue #9: Very long decimal values for accuracy numbers. Added a four place decimal formatter to the network and GPS accuracy values.

Version - February 3, 2013

  • Field testing showed a few more tweaks needed on the threading.

Version 1.2.1 - February 3, 2013

  • Fixed several more threading issues as related to UI lagginess.

Version 1.2 - February 1, 2013

  • Fixed tricky threading bugs in the delayedStartLocationProvider() and delayedStartCachedLocationProviders() methods. Previous construction might have been causing crashes when the application restarted after being idle and minimized for some time period.
  • Rewrote the entire crazy if/else structure in startLocation()

Version 1.1 - January 30, 2013

  • Fixed a fatal bug related to the network location provider returning a null value. All null values related to both the location providers (GPS and Network) should be properly trapped now. This condition can manifest in a number of different ways such as under device Location Services the Google Location Service option is disabled. And second some cellular carriers do not provide this service.

Version 1.0 - January 21, 2013

  • Supports Androids v3.0+ because of use of UI fragments.