Test all aspects of Android's location capabilities. Configurable for trying out different scenarios.



This application helps you test and understand the different aspects of the Android location capabilities. It's highly configurable and you can use it to test GPS and Network location output across multiple devices. Test all aspects of Android's location capabilities. Configurable for trying out different scenarios.

More information on using the tool and working with Android geolocation capabilities are available in these three blog posts:

Six most common use cases for Android GPS

How accurate is Android GPS? Part 1 - Understanding location data

How accurate is Android GPS? Part 2 - consuming real-time locations

Getting Started with Eclipse

Click here for directions on getting started with Eclipse or the ADT Bundle.

Screen shots

Main View:


Satellite Data View:


Settings View:



  • Maps Network and GPS locations.
  • Displays information on both Network and GPS Location.
  • Displays satellite and NMEA data
  • Let's you configure and try out different scenarios.
  • Access configuration via the application settings menu.

Requirements (IMPORTANT)

  • Android Studio
  • Google Android SDK (version 21 or greater)
  • Android Phone or Tablet (v5.x) App contains UI fragments.
  • Mapping Library - Installation instructions here: ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Android
  • Experience with Java software development



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Anyone and everyone is welcome to contribute.


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