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Analyze Hotspots

Execute a geoprocessing task to calculate a hotspot analysis based on the frequency of 911 calls. It calculates the frequency of these calls within a given study area during a specified constrained time period set between 1998-01-01 and 1998-05-31.

Analyze Hotspots App

How to use the sample

Select a From: and To: date from the dialog and tap on the Analyze. The results will be shown on the map on successful completion of the GeoprocessingJob.

How it works

A GeoprocessingTask is created by setting the URL to the REST endpoint of a geoprocessing service. GeoprocessingParameters are created asynchronously from the GeoprocessingTask.

Once the date ranges are selected, a query string is created with the 'to' and 'from' dates. The query string is then added as a key/value parameter input to the GeoprocessingParameters.

A GeoprocessingJob is then obtained by calling .createJob(geoprocessingParameters) method of the GeoprocessingTask. The job is started, and once complete, the ArcGISMapImageLayer is obtained from the result, and added to the ArcGISMap.

Relevant API

  • GeoprocessingJob
  • GeoprocessingParameters
  • GeoprocessingResult
  • GeoprocessingTask



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