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Change atmosphere effect

Changes the appearance of the atmosphere in a scene.


How to use the sample

Select one of the three available atmosphere effects. The sky will change to display the selected atmosphere effect.

How it works

To change the atmosphere effect:

  1. Create a scene and display it in a scene view.
  2. Change the atmosphere effect with the SceneView.AtmosphereEffect property.

Relevant API

  • SceneView
  • SceneView.AtmosphereEffect

Additional Information

There are three atmosphere effect options:

  • Realistic - Atmosphere effect applied to both the sky and the surface as viewed from above.
  • Horizon only - Atmosphere effect applied to the sky (horizon) only.
  • None - No atmosphere effect. The sky is rendered black with a starfield consisting of randomly placed white dots.


3D, AtmosphereEffect, Scene

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