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Viewshed (Geoprocessing)

This sample demonstrates how to use GeoprocessingTask to calculate a viewshed using a geoprocessing service. Click any point on the map to see all areas that are visible within a 1 kilometer radius. It may take a few seconds for the task to run and send back the results.

How it works

A GeoprocessingTask with the URL set to the REST endpoint of a geoprocessing service is created. A signal handler is set up for the mouseClicked signal on the MapView, and when this signal emits, a Graphic is added to the Map. Once the graphic is added to the Map, a FeatureCollectionTable is created, a new Feature is added from the graphic's location into the FeatureCollectionTable, and new GeoprocessingParameters are created using the FeatureCollectionTable. Next, a GeoprocessingJob is created from the GeoprocessingTask by passing in the parameters. Once the job is obtained, a signal handler is created to handle the asynchronous status updates and the job is started. Once the job completes successfully, a FeatureSet is obtained from the GeoprocessingResult, and the features from the FeatureSet are added to a GraphicsOverlay.


  • GeoprocessingTask
  • GeoprocessingParameters
  • GeoprocessingJob
  • GeoprocessingFeatures
  • GeoprocessingResult
  • FeatureCollectionTable
  • GraphicsOverlay
  • SimpleRenderer
  • Graphic
  • SimpleMarkerSymbol
  • SimpleFillSymbol
  • FeatureIterator
  • MapView
  • Map
  • Basemap
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